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Your successful appearance at the DeafIT conference!

The DeafIT conference is the first and unique conference of its kind in the information & technology industry and in the German speaking countries. DeafIT is a non-profit organization that offers an IT event in the German-speaking world with a diverse, integrative and low-barrier program and a wide range of professional lectures and workshops on all aspects of information technology.

Come to the DeafIT conference, use our networking platform and successfully present your expertise! And at the same time, get to know people who, despite their deaf and hard of hearing, have the same expertise as you.

Our marketing services for your Company

As a sponsor of DeafIT, you benefit from the following marketing services before and during the conference.

Conference Website

Sponsors and exhibitors of the DeafIT conference are presented with company profile, company logo and link to their company website on The conference website is the one-stop shop and source of information for our participants. Continuously updated content ensures a permanent visit of our participants.

Banners and posters at the venue.

Sponsors are presented with company logo on large-format banners or posters at the venue.

Conference tickets

As a sponsor of DeafIT, you benefit a free conference ticket.

Are you interested in sponsoring the DeafIT conference?

Then you can request our sponsor info package, which offers many advantages for your company. You not only benefit from your corporate presence at the conference, on our website, in the social media channels, but you can also get to know the IT experts with a wide range of specialist skills despite their hard of hearing.

We look forward to hearing from you!