About DeafIT

DeafIT: An IT conference that stands for Accessibility, Diversity & Inclusion

DeafIT is a non-profit organization that offers an IT event in the German-speaking world with a diverse, integrative and low-barrier program and a wide range of professional lectures and workshops on all aspects of information technology. The DeafIT conference is accessible to everyone in sign language, written and spoken language.

DeafIT conference - Focus on excellent network

Why is there DeafIT conference?

There must be an accessible education and information event, especially for the hearing impaired and hearing IT professionals.

The IT conference, which takes place regularly in Germany, is the only event of its kind in the German-speaking world and offers a diverse, integrative and low-barrier program with a broad spectrum of professional lectures and workshops on all aspects of information technology.

In addition, the DeafIT conference in Germany is primarily aimed at creating an inclusive network platform for the Deaf and hard of hearing, CI wearers, late deafened and hearing, at expanding and promoting the active exchange of professional experience and networking in the IT industry.

This also leads to the motto: “Focus on excellent network“.

Where does the participants come from?

The participants do not only come from the German speaking countries (DACH Region), but also from around the World. (At this time the conference is offered primarily in German with the goal to offer in English in the future.) Each participant helps to strengthen the sense of community among and to exchange on a professional level and to broaden the knowledge horizon in the IT fields.

We focus on barrier-free event?

All participants who attend who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, CI wearers, late Deafened, Hearing, any age, shall enjoy the further education and empowerment as well exchanging the knowledge. In addition to enhance their possibilities to move up the ladder in their career.

The DeafIT conference is offered in Sign Language and Live Captioning and Spoken (all provided in German) will all be provided live. .

Who is organizing the DeafIT conference?

Organizers the DeafIT conference is the independent DeafIT Team. They come from a mixed background of various IT Specialties. They are a volunteer team. Under the heading “Team” you can get to know the team members.

The DeafIT Team is under the umbrella of Gehörlosenverband München und Umland e.V. (GMU).

How many DeafIT conference has already occurred?

The DeafIT Team has successfully organized 5 conferences with increasing participants.

2014: 1. DeafIT conference in Munich
2015: 2. DeafIT conference in Nuremberg
2016: 3. DeafIT conference in Hamburg
2017: 4. DeafIT conference in Frankfurt
2018: 5. DeafIT conference in Munich

The 6th DeafIT Conference will take place on 12th and 13th of March 2021 in Munich.