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For your research and reports, we provide you with various materials, such as the DeafIT logo, current conference graphics, video and more on the downlaod. You can also get an overview of the social media channels of DeafIT here.

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DeafIT Logo

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DeafIT logo with slogan

Without slogan: PGN. Download
DeafIT logo without slogan


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DeafIT Banner

Social Media Kit


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DeafIT Conference 2020

Promotion: JPG. Download
DeafIT Conference 2020 in Munich

Video Call (DGS/Subtitled/German)

Video Call (ISL/Sub/English)

Keynote Speaker Promotion:
JPG. Download
Die Keynote Speaker der 6. DeafIT Konferenz 2020

Graphic Press release:
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Graphic DeafIT20 Press Release

Poster A3 – Print:
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DeafIT Conference 2020 - Poster preview

DeafIT Speakercard 2020

DeafIT2020 Keynote Speaker Stefan Halter Business Management

Keynote Speaker: Stefan Halter
JPG. Download

Speaker: John Fletcher
JPG. Download

DeafIT20 Speaker Dominik Nimar Multimedia

Speaker: Dominik Nimar
JPG. Download

DeafIT20 Speaker Jörn Koch Software-Architektur

Speaker: Jörn Koch
JPG. Download

DeafIT20 Speaker Nils-Enders-Brenner Produktdesign
Speaker: Nils Enders-Brenner
JPG. Download

DeafIT2020 Keynote Speaker Petra Jaschhof Diversity
Speaker: Petra Jaschhof
JPG. Download

DeafIT2020 Keynote-Speaker Annika Karstadt Artifical Intelligence (AI)
Keynote Speaker: Annika Karstadt
JPG. Downlaod

DeafIT2020 Matthias Stommel Blockchain

Keynote Speaker: Matthias Stommel
JPG. Download

DeafIT20 Speaker Gabriele Serpi
Speaker: Gabriele Serpi
JPG. Download
DeafIT20 Speaker Johanna Steiner Barrierefreiheit
Speaker: Johanna Steiner
JPG. Download

DeafIT20 Speaker Marcus Stade Künstliche Intelligenz
Speaker: Marcus Stade
JPG. Download

DeafIT20 Speaker Dr. Rosalee Wolfe Künstliche Intelligenz

Speaker: Dr. Rosalee Wolfe
JPG. Download
DeafIT2020 Speaker Sebastian Klein and Mark Hollering Accessibility

Sebastian Klein & Mark Hollering
JPG. Download

DeafIT2020 Keynote Speaker Marco Emrich Software Architektur DEU
Keynote Speaker: Marco Emrich
JPG. Download

Keynote Speaker: Nick Skelton
JPG. Download
DeafIT20 Speaker André du Plessis Datenbank

Speaker: André du Plessis

DeafIT Speaker Prof. Dr. med. Guenter Huhle Barrierefreiheit

Speaker: Prof. Dr. med. Guenter Huhle JPG. Download

DeafIT20 Speaker Lars Hupel Software-Development
Speaker: Lars Hupel
JPG. Download
DeafIT20 Speaker Milad Vafaeifard Web-Development

Speaker: Milad Vafaeifard
JPG. Download
DeafIT20 Speaker Sebastian Schürmann Agile Projektmanagement
Speaker: Sebastian Schürmann
JPG. Download

DeafIT20 Speaker Claudia Schweinzer Artificial intelligence
Speaker: Claudia Schweinzer
JPG. Download

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