The programme of the 7th DeafIT Conference online 2022

The programme for Friday, 18th March 2022

Time Topic
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09:00–09:15h Welcome by DeafIT
09:15–10:00h Institute for Digital Participation – Talk
“Digital accessibility in working life through participatory evaluation”
Dr. Irmhild Rogalla & Prof. Dr. Benjamin Tannert
10:00–10:05h 5 minute break
10:05–10:35h Change Management, Design Thinking
“Change Management meets Design Thinking”
Markus Kaiser
10:35–11:05h 30 minute break
11:05–11:35h Accessibility & Frontend Development
“Complex and accessible JavaScript widgets (with simple HTML)”
Josua Muheim
11:35–11:40h 5 minute break
11:40–12:10h Cloud
“Cloud Transformation Roadmap – Best Practices and Learnings”
Fabian Brechlin
12:10–12:15h 5 minute break
12:15–12:45h Siemens AG – Talk
Digital Inclusion & Diversity
„#Belonging Transforms – Digital Inclusion@Siemens”
Ramona Litzenberg & Vaidehi Sidhaye
12:45–14:15h 90 minutes lunch break
14:15–14:45h MaibornWolff – Talk
Micro Frontends
“Micro Frontends – But how?”
André Fleischer
14:45–14:50h 5 minute break
14:50–15:20h Design Thinking
“Vision & Strategy Statement Artworks – a whole new way of looking at your business”
Armine Nersesyan
15:20–15:50h 30 minute break
15:50–16:20h Programming
“Product first, Code Second”
Priyanka Patil
16:20–16:25h 5 minute break
16:25–16:55h Keynote
“Accessible Posts in Social Media”
Franziska Sgoff & Nicole Weißkopf
16:55–17:30h Conclusion, DeafIT Team



The programme for Saturday, 19th March 2022

Time Topic
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09:00–09:15h Welcome, DeafIT Team

EVE & VerbaVoice – Talk
Artificial Intelligence
“Human with Machine: The Potential of Hybrid AI Technologies for Live Captioning in the Future”
Maximilian Krause & Stephan Wiedemann

09:45–09:50h 5 minute break
09:50–10:20h Artificial Intelligence
“Automated speaker identification for subtitles”
Andreas Tai
10:20–10:50h 30 minute break

Artificial Intelligence
“Real-time Marketing Attribution with AI and Google Cloud”
Marcus Stade & Patrick Mohr

11:20–11:25h 5 minute break
11:25–11:55h Accessibility
“Inclusion Matters – Accessibility for Developers”
Franziska Hauck
11:55–12:00h 5 minute break
12:00–12.40h Cloud & Software-Architectur
“CQRS 3.0 – A concept moves with the times”
Janek Fellin
12:40–14:10h 90 minutes lunch break
14:10–14:40h Blockchain
“Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, digital central bank money: the future of financial transactions”
Matthias Stommel
14:40–14:45h 5 minute break
14:45–15:15h Web Application & Software Development
“Efficient product development with no-code / low-code technologies”
Antal Karolyi
15:15–15:45h 30 minute break

Artificial Intelligence
“Avatar systems as a semi-automatic translator”
Claudia Schweinzer

16:00–16:05h 5 minute break

“Inclusion Around The Edges”
Matthew Johnston & Scott Davis


Conclusion, DeafIT Team



Status 1st March 2022 – Programme subject to change.