Terms and Conditions for Speaker Participation 2022


Declaration of Agreement

You („the Speaker“) have agreed to participate at 18. the DeafIT Conference on 18th and 19th March 2022 in Munich as a speaker. The DeafIT Conference will be hosted and presented by the DeafIT Team under the umbrella of the Greater Munich Deaf Association (Gehörlosenverband München und Umland e.V.) („the Conference Host“).

  • The Speaker transfers to the Conference Host the unlimited right to:
    1. Use the Speaker‘s name, image, audio recordings, presentation, name and logo of their company as well as information regarding their company for marketing and promotion purposes in relation to the conference.
    2. Publish handouts and other printed and electronic material used and/or issued by the speaker in their presentation, also in edited versions, as part of conference documentation.
    3. Use, market, publish and display the presentation as well as the material used in the presentation (audio/ video) and forward it to conference delegates.
  • The Speaker guarantees to the Conference Host that the content of their presentation and of the documents provided is true and does not contain confidential information or violate the rights of a third party.
  • This declaration of agreement also applies to employees/ colleagues/ legal representatives of the Speaker and will be enforced according to the legal provisions of the Federal Republic of Germany, even when these run contrary to the regulations of the country of origin of the Speaker.
  • The Speaker cannot hold the Conference Host to account with regards to covering dues or expenses (including legal fees), which may occur because of the non-observance of this declaration of agreement on part of the Speaker.
  • Speakers‘ participation in the conference is an important contribution towards the success of the event. Delegates and potential delegates will rely on promotional materials announcing speakers‘ participation. The Speaker hereby agrees to only cancel their participation, when circumstances that they cannot control prevent them from attending.
    Should they be forced to cancel their participation for the above-mentioned reasons, they should immediately inform the Conference Host of this. It would be helpful, if they suggested somebody with similar levels of experience and in a similar position to step in. Under no circumstance is it permitted to send a replacement speaker without prior consultation. The decision, who will ultimately take the open slot, however, still remains with the Head of Conference.
  • The Conference Host may cancel the conference, change its date, location and/or the conference programme resulting in the Speaker‘s cancellation or in a change of the date and/or timeslot allocated to their presentation. In case of a cancellation the Conference Host will not be able to be held to account for the Speaker’s expenses.
  • Detailled briefings regarding timing, content and logistical details will be provided to speakers by the Conference Host 4-6 weeks prior to the conference. It is essential for the Speaker to agree further details with co-speakers and the host of their session to prevent redundancies.

In exchange for their active participation at the conference the speaker will get the conference package including the following:

  • Free access to the entire conference
  • Free lunch, snacks and drinks
  • Free accommodation in a single room for one night including breakfast at the conference hotel Not applicable, as the conference will be held online.

The package cannot be transferred. Please note that the Conference Host will not pay any allowances and/or additional travel or accommodation expenses.

Status September 2021