Program 2021


Status 18th February 2021

Friday, March 12th, 2021

Time Topic
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09:00-09:15h Welcome, DeafIT Team
09:15-10:00h Keynote: “Experience in Senior Management with Hearing Disability” Business
ManagementStefan Halter, speaks german
10:00-10:05h 5 minutes break

„Domain-driven Design in Practice – Understanding the Domain with Event Storming“
Software-ArchitekturDipl.-Inform. Jörn Koch, speaks German

followed by a workshop from 10:40-12:10h Workshop Room

Workshop: “Event Storming in Practice – Understanding Specialist Processes Using the Example”
Projekt delegs, Dipl.-Inform. Jörn Koch, speaks German with Sign language – DGS

10:35-11:05 30 minutes break
11:05-11:50h Google-Talk: “My Tech Career at Google”
Career & Inclusion, Helga Velroyen, speaks English
11:50-11:55h 5 minutes break
11:55-12:25h “Music for Deaf”
Product DesignFrederik Podzuweit, speaks German
12:25-13:25h Lunch break
13:25-13.55h “The Communication disrupter”
Product Design Nils Enders-Brenner, speaks German
13:55-14:00h 5 minutes break
14:00-14:45h Keynote: “AI and accessibility: How cloud-based solutions with AI already contribute today’s Accessibility.”
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Annika Karstadt, speaks german
14:45-14:50h 5 minutes break
14:50-15:20h “Create 10x team through empathy and inclusion”
Agile project managementJohn Fletcher, speaks German
15:20-15:50h 30 minutes break
15:50-16:20h „SIGNS – Video based recognition of Sign language “
AccessibilityChristian Endecott and Mark Hollering, speaks German
16:20-16:25h 5 minutes break
16:25-16:55h “BigQuery Machine Learning: Pratical Use Cases”
Artificial Intelligence (AI)Marcus Stade, speaks German
16:55-17:00h 5 minutes break
17:00-17:30h Truffle framework with GraalVM
Software-DevelopmentLars Hupel, speaks German
17:30-17:45h Completion, DeafIT Team

Saturday, March 13th, 2021

Time Topic
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09:00-09:15h Welcome, DeafIT Team
09:15-10:00h Keynote: “Functional Programming and Domain Driven Design – a dream team!”
Software-ArchitectureMarco Emrich, speaks German
10:00-10:05h 5 minutes break
10:05-10:35h “EmergencyEye, a WebRTC technology for barrier-free communication”
AccessibilityViktor Huhle, speaks German
10:35-11:05h 30 minutes break
11:05-11:50h Keynote:„Blockchain for the Euro“
Blockchain Matthias Stommel, DGS
11:50-11:55h 5 minutes break
11:55-12:25h “Modern, barrier-free eLearning for deaf people
WebdesignJohanna Steiner BA, speaks German/ÖGS
12:25-13:25h 60 minutes lunch break
13:25-13:55h “Incremental & Iterative”
Agile project managementSebastian Schürmann, speaks German
13:55-14:00h 5 minutes break

“Breaking communication barriers between deaf & hearing people”
Artificial Intelligence (AI)Evgeny Fomin and Antonio Domènech, speaks English

14:30-14:35h 5 minutes break
14:35-15:05h “Are Signing Avatars ready for real world situations?”
Artificial Intelligence (AI)Dr. Rosalee Wolfe PhD, speaks English/ASL
15:05-15:35h 30 minutes break

“IT modernization is not possible without any cultural change”
DiversityPetra Jaschhof, speaks German

16:05-16:10h 5 minutes break
16:10-16:40h “MS SQL Server Programming and Scheduling”
DatabaseAndré du Plessis, ASL
16:40-17:00h Completion, DeafIT Team

Subject to change!
  • DGS – German Sign Language
  • LGB – Sign Exact German Language
  • ÖGS – Austrian Sign Language
  • IS – International Sign
  • ASL – American Sign Language